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Tooth implants prevent jawbone deterioration

Have you ever given your jawbone any thought? No? Then you are no different to most other people. Only very few are aware of its important function. It ‘carries’ our teeth, makes chewing possible and gives our faces the shape they are.

The interaction between tooth root and jawbone
Losing a tooth also has an effect on the jawbone. Not only is the visible part lost, the tooth crown, but also the root. The root plays an important role: on the one hand it supports the tooth and on the other it transfers the pressure from chewing onto the jawbone. It is precisely this pressure, which is so important to the jawbone. As with an athlete, who must continuously train his muscles in order to remain fit, the jawbone needs regular pressure in order to stay strong. If the root is missing and therefore the transfer of pressure from chewing, the jawbone starts to degenerate. Within the first three months following the loss of a tooth, degeneration of the jawbone can be seen on an x-ray.

Tooth implants can prevent degeneration of the bone
It need not get to that stage. If a synthetic root is inserted shortly after a tooth has been lost, the start of the degeneration process of the bone can be stopped. Even if quite a lot of the bone has already been lost, which can happen within several months of losing a tooth, implants can still be inserted. Although the procedure is somewhat more complicated as the bone has to be regenerated before the implantation, it is well worth it. Once the titanium roots are anchored into the jaw they ensure that no more of the all-important bone goes missing.

Should the lost root not be replaced, the degeneration of the jawbone slowly but surely continues. If the bone also has to carry the pressure from a denture, this can also accelerate the process. The consequence can be the unwanted alteration of the shape of one’s face; people with shrunken jawbones look older than they really are. With synthetic titanium roots (the correct description for tooth implants), this process can be successfully prevented.


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