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I had constant problems with my bridge . . .
Dr. Heinz-Jurgen Kampf, 58 years old, Unterumbach near Munich

I’ve had problems with my teeth for ages. It was predominately my bridge in my upper jaw, which went ‘around the corner’ that gave me most trouble. As the bridge had to replace several teeth in an awkward position, severe pressure arose whilst chewing and biting.

The result was that my tooth replacement kept breaking and thus needed repairing or indeed, replacement. At a certain stage I became fed up with it all and decided to look for an alternative solution. As I had read quite a lot in the press about implants, I decided to go for titanium implants. Within a short period of time I found a dentist, who undertook the treatment.
However it soon became clear to me that the implantation process had not gone to plan as the synthetic roots had actually been placed incorrectly in my jawbone.

Ultimately friends recommended me to go to a specialist for implants – a specialist with whom they themselves had had good experiences. I, therefore, made an appointment with Dr. Bartels, explained my case to him and asked whether he could continue treatment, where the other dentist had left off. Following an extensive examination, Dr. Bartels explained that there was the possibility of correcting the crooked implants by using a custom-made superstructure (the link between the implant and the crown). Happy with the prospect of not having to have all the implants removed again, I gave him the go-ahead.

Having rectified the ‘damage’ with the highly specialised prothesis, implantation had won itself a new fan. It was a sensational feeling to have permanent teeth after such a long time. Nuts or a bread crust – it didn’t matter, nothing could move my denture now.

Immediately afterwards I decided to tackle my problems in my lower jaw. I knew what the procedure entailed. I knew that with a local anaesthetic I wouldn’t suffer any pain and that only the noise of the drilling would be a bit disconcerting – and this could be easily tolerated. Also, after the implants were placed, I didn’t have any complaints: I did not experience any severe pain in my jaw nor did the temporary replacement offer any problems. Four months later, the titanium roots had healed and four single synthetic crowns were fitted onto them.

I would like to stress how happy I am that I made this decision. The fact that I’ve been saved from the horrors of having my teeth in a glass of water next to my bed completely outweighs the cost of implants. I really have gained a new quality of life.

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