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Initially I was a little apprehensive . . .
Mrs Centa Horinger, 74 years, Rain am Lech

Even though I still had my own teeth, I was still unhappy with my situation as nearly all my teeth were crowned and for some reason, I constantly suffered bad breath.
One day my daughter said to me, “Mummy, you can’t go on like this. We’ve got to do something about it.” During conversations with friends, we got the idea to drive to Munich to consult with Dr. Bartels.

Dr. Bartels had a look at everything and concluded that already many of my roots were infected and that my teeth were actually the core problem of my bad breath. I then took part in one of his ‘Patient Information’ evenings and afterwards I felt I had the courage to proceed. Dr. Bartels made two recommendations as to how to solve the problem. I decided to go for the ‘permanent tooth replacement’ option although it meant, that implants would have to be inserted.
At this stage, I was a little apprehensive . . .

During the first session and under local anaesthetic, ten implants were placed in my upper jaw following the extraction of all my own, ailing roots. Afterward my mouth was somewhat swollen and had a few bruises, but apart from that, everything healed perfectly.
Just two weeks later the lower jaw could be operated on with the insertion of nine implants. With a temporary denture and instructions to purée all my meals, I left the surgery. Approximately fours months following the operation to my lower jaw the implants were firmly embedded.
I then had another appointment at the surgery, when the dental technician was also present. At this point, I said, “Just to be clear – there is no way I want the “cliché false teeth effect.”

But my worries were completely unfounded. Secure bridges were anchored onto the implants on both the top and bottom jaws. The technician did a wonderful job. All the teeth are somewhat different, so that it all looks very natural and not like a synthetic row of teeth, where each one is identical.

Although I must admit that all the implant sessions were somewhat stressful, I don’t regret my decision at all.
Dr. Bartels and his team really did support me. If they thought it was getting too much then we would have a little break and there was always someone there who would hold my hand if I became too nervous. Trust, sensitivity and a harmonious team made my treatment all the more bearable.

I have the feeling that I have got my own teeth again and my family and friends are forever offering words of admiration about how beautiful they are.

In addition there has been another fantastic side effect: Not only am I rid of my bad breath but I simply feel a lot fitter generally.
It’s just amazing how really degenerated roots can have such a negative impact on the whole body.

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